Booking Portals

You will not find our house in the usual booking portals on the internet!


Why not?

The well-known online booking portals suggest the image that they are independent sources for objective rankings of places to stay. That they work nearly as independent test centers. Economists would say that they are reducing the consumers' quality uncertainty. Unfortunately this is not true!


Who is fond of it might take a closer look into the general terms and conditions of various online booking portals. We are taking the bet that you will find there sentences similar to this one: "there is a possibility to positively influence the ranking by adjusting the height of your commission fee and the availability of rooms at certain times".


Which means in simple words nothing else than "just pay more and you will have a better ranking!"


Rankings and evaluations can be bought!


We cannot be bought and we will not buy anything to make us better than we are because this would collide with our basic values.


This is the reason why from now on (season 2016) there will be again and only on our website the option of online booking of rooms at the Ringhaus.