Basic Values

It is our aim to create a place from Ringhaus - Altes Forsthaus which is unique in the world. A place where people with whatever nationality, financial or social status, education, etc. meet because they are united by the fascination of a mix of technology, enjoyment of risk and going to the limits, competition, heritage, and joy of life.


-> A place for ordinary people or as 'Kloppo' said for the normal ones!


Our behavior in private as in business affairs is determined by the following principles:

  • We cannot be bought.
  • We do not create an image nicer, better, bigger, hipper, than we really are.
  • We try always to have a reasonable price level.
  • We will never use emergency situations to gain profits.
  • We will never be part of any 'Old Boys' Club' with the goal to reduce competition.
  • We actively support individuals, projects, or enterprises, which pursue innovative, creative, or charitable goals within the Ringregion.
  • We get actively involved if the Ringregion is threatened by political, economical, or other aberrations.
  • We do not cooperate with individuals or organisations which are not compatible with those values.
  • We reinvest profits (if there ever will be some) into the preservation and gentle development of the Old Foresters' House St. Hubertus.

-> To have a sound character and principles sometimes means to surrender potential profits!