Steilstrecke is a double room and has with its pitched roof area a very cosy atmosphere. It is equipped ensuite with a 160cm double bed, wardrobe, shower. Situated on the second floor with a view to the tourist entry of Nurburgring's Nordschleife, which is just 400 yards away.


The last left of Klostertal is an ultra quick and very challenging bend, with a frighteningly close exit barrier. It remains flat out for some, but only marginally so. Perhaps little easier is the next right kink, though by no means straightforward, as the track seems to narrow as it approaches the Steilstrecke.


This first of the 180° bends has a tricky approach, with a small bump and kink right in the midst of the braking area, before the driver rolls into the wide open hairpin.


The Steilstrecke is the steep uphill proving track that links this point with Hohe Acht. Now rarely used, the name is carried on by the Steilstrecke-Kurve.