Schwedenkreuz is a double room and is equipped ensuite with a 140cm double bed, wardrobe and a big shower. Situated on the first floor with a view to wood.




On of the hardest and most daring corners in the track is Schwedenkreuz.


Having been travelling at top speed for so long, the approach to it perhaps the fastest part of the track, taking a corner at such high speed is naturally disconcerting. Ahuge bumg at the apex, which can move the car right across the track, just adds to the challenge.


Ireespective of speed, most will have ample time to brake for the tight Aremberg without having to compensate by braking before Schwedenkreuz for it.


Legend has it that a local tax collector was murdered in 1638 by some Swedish army deserters, and cross was erected in memory of the occurrence. The Schwedenkreuz still stands today by the track.