Hohe Acht

Hohe Acht is a double room and has with its pitched roof area a very cosy atmosphere. It is equipped ensuite with a 160cm double bed, wardrobe, shower. Situated on the second floor with a view to the patio.







The approach to the start of the corner is a swerving right-left-left, easily driven, despite the crest in the middle, which hides Hohe Acht from sight. It is to basically aim a straightish line following the kerbs to the final right-hand entry kerb for the first tight left. Don't worry about lifting in anticipation, as speed up the hill is lost easily and the entry is quite quick.


The entry kerb will have been met near its start and the turn begins a moment later, in almost a continuous curve, from the end of it. This should bring the car parallel with the left-hand kerb.


The hardest part of Hohe Acht is the last right after the brow. consequently positioning the car for this most important.


The Hohe Acht, being loceted at the top of a hill, takes its rather tongue-in-cheek name from the highest mountain in the Eifel region. It is the highest oint of the track after the starts area.