Hatzenbach is a 3 beds room. It is equipped ensuite with a three 0.9 x 2 m beds, wardrobe, and a shower. Situated on the first floor with a view in the patio.



Plunging downhill, the first faster section of Hatzenbach is a real knife edge ride ans beneftis those with a precise style. Having made space through the dirst right sweep, the benefit will be obvious as the first turn point is reached. Located near the sign to the left, let the car run out close to the edge of the track. Look through the folowwing right-left and power hard. Many will still be flat out in any case, through this takes some building uo to.


Emerging from the fast kink, there is just time to stabilise the car before rolling onto the brakes. The braking actually takes place while dricing a straightish line through the left kink, to the next turn point.


The turn left should be accomplished without the need to back off, trying to hold the left/ centre of the circuit, thus making room for the final cimbination.


Hatzenbach is the name of the beck or stream that runs to the left of the track at this point.