Breidscheid is a twin bedroom and with its pitched roof area a very cosy atmosphere. It is equipped ensuite with a two 0,9 x 2 m beds, wardrobe, shower. Situated on the second floor with a wonderful view to Nurburg Castle.




Mentally perhaps the halfway point of the lap, Breidscheid and Ex-Muhle form a most destinctive combination. The lines are difficult to drive, quicker than would seem apparent, and all performed in front of the critical eye of the big crowd for some kilometres.


Indeed, huge crowds often gather here as they can access the track from the town below, with the track crossing a bridge that passes through the town itself. It is worth focusing on trying to maximise the exit speed from Ex-Muhle, as it leads onto the long fast run to Bergwerk.


Breidscheid is the name of the town below the circuit at this point. This corner is sometimes referred to as Adenau Bridge.