Sunshine spring and birds are tweeting but no cars on the Nordschleife and no guest in the Ringhaus :-( . 24h Race moved from Mai to September... what a strange year! We don't want to say any more to 2020.


2020 starts with we lot of sunshine - we will see what this year brings!

a lot more rain and fog at Rad am Ring 2019

Rain in August 2019...

Diverse extreme weather events maintain that some races can't start or stopped depends on snow... in May ;-) After this it was for a team chef and Tine no more allowed make jokes about snow in May. 24h-Race 2019 everything was ok... no more snow. Picture showes "Beer cans Race" at Steilstrecke on Friday before 24-Race. The "18. Int. Steilstrecke-Bierdosenrollen-Weltmeisterschaft" was managed bei Pro-Steilstrecke.

Carfriday 2019 we are supported by BE REAL Foodtruck frum Siegburg with delicious Burgers and sunshine. For the Staff Karina made her famous "unten hart" cake.

Winter 2018/19 Big construction works startet at 12. November 2018.  2 km new Asphalt on Nordschleife at Flugplatz / Schwedenkreuz, Kallenhard, Wehrseifen, Ex-Muehle and Hohe Acht. At Hatzenbach and Kesselchen 900 meters new FIA-Fence. Total Invest around four million Euro. The biggest Investment since 40 Years at Nordschleife will finish at 22. February 2019.

Due to Gerry from Motocartoon Ringhaus has its own Cartoon! Gerry is a creative genius at Nurburgring!

09.-11.11.2018 Rallye Koeln Ahrweiler - End of Saison is RKA time. Achim Korden and Tamara Zenz try hard and a lot of spectators were excited. Ringmini is one of the most iconic cars and fast too! Watch the Video. Do you know that Achim isn't only a fast driver, he and his wife Bettina produce their own Honey?! On top they bake there own really tasty bread in an old traditional oven called "Backes".

21.10.2018 German TimeAttack Masters - Andy drives for Ringhaus Racing Team and wins with only one race the 12th Place in the Championship of class PRO 2WD in his Honda S2000.

Oktober 2018 Apple crop - 42 liters apple juice from the old apple tree sort "Holzapfel" ... Taste is sour to bitter with a lot of tanning agent but ice cold with a little bit citrus juice really interesting!!! From the other apples we cooked "Nurburger Holzapfel-Gelee".

September 2018 - days getting shorter and cooler but with a lot of sunshine. At this time you need seat heating (not in the old 300 CE) or warm toiletpaper: crochet hat for toiletpaper made by Tine's Mum in @ringhausaltesforsthaus Corporate Identity color with Nordschleife. We did some laps at tourist traffic and our guest Owain overtake a special "Fiat" ;-)

01.09.2018 VLN 6 - best weather to enjoy "Rennwurst" at Bruennchen and fighting with the Wasps for the beer. We keep an eye on the Mannheller BMWs. Small Raceteam with their own workshop located at Meuspath Industrial area. A good friend of us drove one of their BMWs. They won class V4 und VT2 and 4th place in V4, too. At this moment they had a good chance to win the Championship overall sadley they didn't.

24.-26.08.2018 New Horizons Festival 68.000 visitors and 6 stages with EDM, Hardstyle, House, Trap and Trance music. Lyrics are simple so we learned fast to sing the song of Armin van Buuren "Blah Blah Blah". Sunday morning at 4 o'clock we decided that we are too old for those excessive Festivals.

10.-12.08.2018 Oldtimer GP means special cars in our parking. Renault Alpine A110 Berlinette 1300  in the "French Corner". We met Magnus Walker collector and customiser of vintage Porsches. Nurburgring is a mealting pot for the special.

27.-29.07.2018 Rad am Ring - In the end Tine finished after 24 hours with 11 laps on 8th place in her class MAS1W und Frank with 7 laps. But Frank had to do the complete breakfast for Ringhaus guest during his race by himself!!! Winner of the race finished with 27 laps. Our goal for 2019 are 15 laps - we will see!

20.07.2018 New Daily in "Altes Forsthaus" Coporate Design "Forsthaus Green" (Goodwood Green). Improved by Roger Kaege of Kaege Retro. Hotpands in summer 2018 are daily work clothes.

Juli 2018 Radtreff am Nurburgring - Using every chance to train with the bike and the car.

29.06.-01.07.2018 Truck GP  - nice event with good atmosphere and time for the family to visit us with their trucks.

29.06.2018 not a regular breakfast - cool air warm Asphalt... Birds stop to twit and than: 5:19.546!!! Timo Bernhard burnt with the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo the new record in the ground of the Nordschleife. Watching Onboard looks like fast mode.

24.06.2018 Reinoldus Cup 3 - Well done boys!!! Our regular guests from  National Moto finished the 6h race on the first place in class!!!

21.06.2018 Tine did some laps with Achim in the Ringmini, again after 15 years. Great Experience!

15.-17.06.2018 Nürburgring Classic - We hosted the Marshals from ISSC Austria (Internationaler Streckensicherungs Club). Regular they work at Salzburgring in Austria and came last minute to help at Nurburging.

13.06.2018 Not the usual story. Jason Watt is paraplegic and drives his new Ford GT from Denmark to Le mans with a short stop at Ringhaus. He drives the car with his hands. In the luggage space is not enough space for the wheel chair. So he fixed it on the roof of the car and did a lap in tourist traffic, too. The limits are only in our mind!

01.-03.06.2018 Rock am Ring - Local alcohol test in Nurburg. Just in time for the festival a lot of rain and rubber boots.

19.05.2018 - Welcome to the "Bongart Club" Tine after a technical defect on Nordschleife.

10.-13.05.2018 24h Rennen - The same procedure as every year: Start at TEAM AHAB Steilstrecke -  Wippermann -  Bruennchen - Pflanzgarten find the way home with too much alcohol.

30.03.2018 - Carfreitag - with the famous "hard bottom" cake, beer, and chicken with a problem. Watch the  Video .

January 2018 Good time to start a Winter project... If Frank's Renault Alpin A310 V6 arrived in the garage in Nuerburg it will be fixed quickly or not.