10.-12.11.2017 Rallye Koeln-Ahrweiler we are blue... Ringmini blue and say goodbye to the saison 2017 watch this video.

05.11.2017 Tine's 35th birthday with a lot of good friends and cream cake.

12.-15.10.2017 For ADAC Westfalen Trophy the rain stopped and we joined the 4h race with nice Autumn sunshine.

Summer 2017 - never ending rain built a small lake at Bruennchen.

11.-13.08.2018 AVd Oltimer GP Highlight of this weekend was the visit of the Allard Owners and Isdera Autobahnkurier AK 116i of Eberhard Schulz.

Summer 2017 - from time to time we hide a Daimler in our garage. Maybe it will be a new silver arrow?!

17.06.2017 New silver arrow memorial at Adenau round about.

02.-05.06.2017 Rock am Ring Festival was stopped at Friday due to a terror warning. Police checked and found nothing so the party went on. Festival guest claim: "tits agains terror!".

27.-28.05.2017 24h-race same procedure as every year. Watch the start at Team Ahab - Steilstrecke. Visiting friends at Wippermann, Bruennchen und Pflanzgarten... and get drunk!

14.04.2017 Carfriday; sunny weather - BBQ - Drinks and Cars... Watch the Video.

25.03.2017 This year was the first year with only 9 VLN instead of 10 races because one member club left the VLN community. Because of nice and warm weather Bruennchen parking was completly full. Race was won by three French men in a Manthey Porsche.

11.03.2017 At A.O.C (Allard Owners Club) Dinner, Dance and 2016 Prize Giving in London Frank got the "Committee Cup" for "Fastest member other make". His name is on the Trophy now.

13.11.2016 - Ringhaus sponsored Ringmini with Achim Korden and Tamara Zenz again at Rallye Köln-Ahrweiler. Tine and Frank from Ringhaus marshalling at 8:24.

30.10.2016 - DTM race engineer´s 30th birthday party

20.10.2016 - Planting fruit trees for the future (beer) garden

10.09.2016 - Ringhaus has a nice backside, too!

14.08.2016 - Allard Owners Club at Ringhaus for Oldtimer GP

07.08.2016 - Ringhaus - Allard TDI-R at RCN

20.06.2016 - Ringhaus Clio at Youngtimer Trophy

29.05.2016 - 24h-Race

25.05.2016 - Another race Clio tagged!

06.05.2016 - Green Hell Driving Days

29.04.2016 - Dave Thompson Memorial

Dave has loved the Ring and died far too early in a tragic road accident. We are keeping his helmet and photos in memoriam.

Ringhaus-Allard Golf TDI-R ("The Old Beast") is ready for another season: 2016

11.04.2016 - New roof and painting for the entrance

19.03.2016 - The backside wall will get a new painting

06.03.2016 - Allard Owner's Club - Annual Dinner & Dance

The Allard Grace


God of Allard God of steel,

God who made the steering wheel.

God of Rolls and God of Royce,

Whose Silver Wraith made man rejoice.

God of W, O and Bentley,

Go said God and Go but gently.

Then God trying just as hard

Caught Sydney's eye indeed Allard 

And said young man it is no joke,

Go make a car with lots of poke.

That's what he did, that's why we're here

To drink his health with wine and beer.

Oh Lord of Lords, Oh Three in One,

We know you have a sense of fun.

So bless us with, dear Lord we pray,

Good food, good friends, on Allard day.


by David Wixon

16.01.2016 - Eifel Winter

31.12.2015 - New Years' Party


To all friends of the Ringhaus who don't want to spend just another New Years' Eve like the years before. Join our Ringhaus party, where we will talk some bullshit, hear loud music, and search the spirit of the Old Foresters house, Nordschleife, and maybe also the one of some liquids. After some years we will again organise a party ... mainly for ourselves :-)

It will be a 'Non-Profit' but 'Non-Sponsoring', private party for Friends & Family with open calculation and cost sharing.


Who likes to join just sends a message to our door(wo)man: 

mail@ringhaus.com !



October 2015 - Green Hell Driving Days


7:50 Saturday Morning - Early birds lap!

September 2015 - Apollo is alive!


After several years break Gumpert is again testing at the Ring and installed their workshop like always at the Ringhaus. Our yard became the pitlane again like 2009 when they broke the Nordschleife lap record for street legal sportscars.

September 2015 - Written off Golf repaired and ready to race


After fixing the chassis and body work, building up a new engine, installing everything including gearbox, all coolers, looms, etc. we started for the next RCN race. This time successful!

August 2015 - Allard Owners Club


After 17 years of friendship, cooperation, and joined racing activities with Lloyd Allard it was a very special occasion for us to welcome the members of the Allard owners Club at the Ringhaus. Of course they came from various different countries with their Allard models from the 1940th and 1950th.

August 2015 - Allard Ringhaus Racing wieder dabei!


After nearly six years no racing at Nordschleife we are back in an RCN race. Still with the Golf IV R-TDI which we used in 2009 in the 24hr race. Unfortunately the race did not end with the class win as expected but with severe damage after a collision with a BMW driver shortly after Bergwerk corner. Through no fault of us but anyway heavily damaged.

August 2015 - Eurorally stops at Ringhaus


Probably the best party since years we saw with the 'Eurorally' group. They celebrated the last stop of their rally until 4 o'clock in the morning. We hope to have you back next year folks, it was a lot of fun!

August 2015 - AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix


A very nice collection of Young- and Oldtimers was brought by our guests.

Juli 2015 - Rad am Ring


Finally again two Ringhaus teams started at the 24h pushbike race 'Rad am Ring' and also made it through the finish line. Well done Boys!

Juni 2015 - Chateau Impney Hill Climb


The Allard Palm Beach mk 2 from 1956 sold at the H&H auction at Chateau Impney Hill Climbs.


May 2015 - 24h Race


Ringhaus hosted exclusively a group from Aston Martin at this years' 24hr race.

February 2015 - Tine takes over!

November 2014 - Allard presentation at NEC Birmingham

After nearly two years of hard work Allard Sports Cars Limited has unveiled what it describes as the 'ultimate original restoration' at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show. The company, which is still run by the original Allard family, has completed a full nuts-and-bolts restoration of a prototype 1956 Palm Beach Mk2.

Even Stirling Moss visited the stand of the old rivals of his early racing career.

2014 - Protest, Corso, Live Discussions concerning the Ring

2014 - Again Time To Protest


Fan protest against the sales of Nurburgring at Brunnchen.

November 2013 - Palm Beach mk 2 at show in Birmingham


Six month after starting the restoration of the Palm Beach mk2 the actual state is presented in Birmingham. The relaunch of the ALLARD brand is slowly gaining momentum.

May 2013 - Allard Sportscars


Several years of cooperation with Allard Sportscars led to another project, the restoration of an original 1956 Allard Palm Beach mk2.

June 20012 - Race for Heroes stops at Ringhaus


The charity rallye 'Race for Heroes' stopped by at the Ringhaus to celebrate.

January 2012 - Damage caused by water set us back several years


The short but hard Winter in the beginning of the year claimed its tribute. After having temperatures below -20° Celsius for two weeks, the following thawing induced a massive damage by water.

The unplanned reconstruction and a few month of hassle with the insurance company gave us a serious setback. But Team Ringhaus says: "Fall, get up, and try, and try, and try ...!"