July 2011 - Gumpert Apollo back at Ringhaus


Again our pleasure to host the test session.

June 2011 - Ford Focus RS Meeting


Ideal place for an international Club meeting.

2011 - Galina and Victoria take over for a while


To secure the independency of the Ringhaus business, Frank is spending more time again in his automotive consulting business. Galina and Vicky take over the operational business. Thanks for all the support!

2011 - The Ring as we know it is gone forever


As the whole financial fraud and the betraying of tax payers became visible it was time to take a firm stand: Active opposition and resistance!

We went to the streets to demostrate for 'our' Nurburgring and the whole region around it.

July 2010 - First running the Ring than 24h push bike race


If you are living here you have to do it at least once: Running the complete Nurburgring and than competing at the 24h push bike race. We did it!

January 2010 - Nordschleife Winter Walk!


Snow height over 1 m made it quiet exhausting to walk the 20832 m of Nordschleife. But the experience was unforgettable.

September 2009 - Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur does record lap

Gumpert spend more than a whole week at the Ringhaus. Their goal was to set a new lap record for street legal production cars. They did: 7:11

August 2009 - Ringhaus 24h Moutain Bike Team on 7th place overall

July 2009 - Silver Arrows are back at Forsthaus St. Hubertus


One of the weekends which you will remember your entire life!


First: Mercedes Classic came spontaneously with 2 of the original Silver Arrows from 1935.


Second: Marcelo Silva da Silva and his wife joind us for the F1 race. Mr. Silva da Silva was Ayrton Senna's uncle!


Third: The daughter of the ring builder Dr. Otto Creutz came by accidentally and took place in the Silver Arrow.


Surreal but true!

May 2009: Team Ringhaus is doing the 24h race

Competing at the Nurburgring 24h race as amateur race team. Financial madness but one of the best things in life to do!

2009 Year of trophies


Many class wins and podium places in RCN and VLN. The best year so far!

RCN 2008: Scirocco Madness


Allard Sportscars transplanted a 1.9l TDI race engine (250+ bhp, 500+ Nm torque, 880 kg, 6 speed box) into a VW Scirocco mk II from 1990. Interesting drive ;-)

January 2008: Tourist drivers' Winter meeting



We hosted again the annual Winter meeting of Tourist drivers. And Lloyd brought over the insane Ringhaus-Allard Scirocco R-TDI.

Oktober 2007: GLP/RCN Motorsport day for handycapped children


Januar 2007: 3rd GT4-Trophy - F1 Driver Adrian Sutil makes it again!



After his 2006 win of the GT4-Trophy Adrian Sutil repeated his result and again won the trophy in 2007.

Oktober 2006: Ringhaus team on 2nd place overall


Team Ringhaus became 2nd overall in the GLP championship and our girls were the best ladies team with the 10th place.

September 2006: Running the Ring



Team Ringhaus made it again. 24.4 km throught the Green Hell ... running!

September 2006: First race together with Lloyd Allard



The old Mungo Racing Golf mk 3 TDI got painted in Ringhaus colours and we did the first race in cooperation with Allard Sportscars.

May 2006: Mercedes F1 back at the Forresters house!


Over 50 years later, finally the Mercedes F1 team came back and stayed again where it all began at the Nurburgring. At the Ringhaus Altes Forsthaus - Home of the Silver Arrow!

April 2006: VLN - Biker church service - Kart event with Ringmini Gixxerkart



March 2006: Snowy trackday and Carlin testing


Professional race driver Mikhail Aleshin got a few laps in our old Golf. First we me driving, later with me on the passenger seat ... interesting experience. But the way: He is the team mate of Sebastian Vettel at Carlin Motorsport in the Renault 3.5 Wordseries.

February 2006: Old Elephant meeting and a 40th birthday


'Paddy Goes To Holyhead' playing

November 2005: Rallye Köln Ahrweiler


The classic Autumn Youngtimer Rallye

Oktober 2005: VLN - Viel Schrott und Sieg für Manthey Racing


Manthy Racing wins VLN race.

August 2005: Run the Ring


Team Ringhaus did it Ring Run for the first time: Hard stuff!

August 2005: 40th Birthday of Mr. N


One of the best parties!


July 2005: Truck Grand Prix



June 2005: 23rd DAMC Oldtimer Festival


May 2005: F1 and Rock am Ring


May 2005: 24h Race



We fixed the Opel Astra of an amateur team between qualifying and the race. Finally the Forrester's house is again what it always should be: The team accomodation at the Nurburgring.

April 2005 - GT4-Trophy im Ringhaus!


Marc Hennerici organised the first virtual race event at the Nurburgring here at the Ringhaus: The GT4-Trophy!

2004: Mungo-Racing is now Team Ringhaus