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Where the laptime counts more than showing off ...

We love what we are doing!

We are running the Ringhaus and also live here directly at the entrance of Nordschleife because we can't imagine any better place in the world.

We are active amateur racers, tourist driver, and Nurburgring aficionados since many years. We love Nordschleife, the atmosphere at the Ring, the heritage of 'Forsthaus Hubertus', and we love to have guests. Altes Forsthaus chose us and brought us together to preserve, maintain, and develop it with caution!

Who we are

We originated from Mungo-Racing, an amateur racing team, and we are still very often on track for racing, trackdays, tourist laps and this is how our house is featured.

2015 Tine took over and is running the business with the same spirit.


What we are

We are the house for petrol heads, and that's exactly what we want to be. You will not find office desks, flat screen TVs, or ironing boards in our rooms. But you will find tools, engine lifts, race cars and bikes, playstations, and a bar in our garage. Petrol talks and watching Gopro videos inclusive.


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If not, please go somewhere else!

We cannot and don't want to be everyone's Darling.

2015 - New Management

Original Mungos at Ringhaus anno 2015

Team Ringhaus 24hrs 2009

Mungo Racing 2003 short before taking over Ringhaus

Mungo Racing 1989 - 24h Race